Kingdom Economics

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This is another little bit from my time at WFX (Worship Facilities Expo) last week.  One nigh over dinner I was blessed to hear how the Lord is moving through Central and South America and the current rapid growth of the evangelical church in this area of the world.  This area of the world is known for having business deals that are not ethical and down right deceitful.  The churches of the area have no choice but to deal with the builders since there is no other option a high percentage of the time.  An acoustics / sound company based in the United States has been working with these churches to dramatically increase the usefulness of the audio and video that is being used.  Interestingly, these locals will trust an American Gringo more than they will the local contractors.  Okay, so why am I sharing this all with you all?  That is a good question and it comes down to one statement that was made about business and faith in the Jesus.  We need to operate in terms of “kingdom economics”, that is to place others values at or above our own and trust that the Lord will take care of us.  So weather we are talking about a business transaction or just serving another I challenge you to place the value of the one you are serving at or above your own and have the faith that the Lord will take care of you.

God Bless,


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