Volunteer or Servant?

volunteer: a person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service

servant: a person working in the service of another

I was struck yesterday by these two words will listening to teachings by Pastor Chris.  He was teaching on a prayer of making us servants.  The key background was from John 13.  The part that really struck a key with me in relation to journeys was the difference between a volunteer and servant.  I have to say now that I don’t want any volunteers in this ministry, that is right, we don’t want volunteers.  If you have a servants heart and have been called by Jesus to serve him through the ministry team of journeys then welcome aboard and let us release you to do what the Lord is calling you to do.

I have from the beginning tried to not call the staff that gives freely of their time volunteers but staff.  I made this a very intentional effort to let everyone know we were one as a team.  I will be changing that statement now, I feel that we are all called to be servants in the ministry team of journeys.  I believe that for all of the servants currently serving.  It is more than a cup of awesome coffee, it is about a changed life.

Thank you to all of the servants who serve.  I have a tough question though, if you are a fully devoted follower of Jesus and you are not serving, are you fully devoted to the cause of Christ in this world?  I urge you to seek your heavenly Father and ask Him to place upon your heart where He would have you serve for His kingdom.  I also pray that you don’t volunteer to fill a position but to serve as our Savior did.



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