2009 Goals

targetI am not one that believes in resolutions so I will state goal for this upcoming year (2009).

  • Read from the Bible every day.  Unless I am unconscious there is no reason that I should not be able to attain this goal but yet it is a struggle for me at this point.  I will need prayerful support on this as well as all of the goals.  Here is the plan that I am following.
  • Deepen my family and personal relationships.  In this overly connected, always on… world it is time to make relationships mean something again instead of surface level “connections”.
  • Re-attain goal weight and maintain it.  Last year was such a great feeling to loose 30 lbs. and I have let a little of it come back on, so this year I desire to re-reach the goal weight and maintain it for the year.
  • Get my self on the trail for at least two backpacking trips this season.  Last year I was off trail while I had the knee fixed up but I am back in the game this year.
  • Finish up the basement project… come on man there is only some trim work left to do.
  • Build up the technical and journeys servant teams @ Messiah.  The teams are running slim and I don’t desire to see them get burnt out, the Lord has a place for His people to serve.

There we have them, now to prayerfully work at attaining them.


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From the Keyboard to You

I am stoked to link you to a new blog by Ed DoernerEd is an amazing man of God that has spoken into my life and will hopefully speak into your life as well.  I challeneged him to start blogging a few weeks back as a tool to get his authentic voice to the world, not scripted or edited down, but from God to Ed to the world.

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Me In A Dress

Today while I was out running some erands I swung into a bridal shop to pick up a brides maids dress for my wife.  She has the honor of being in the wedding party for her brothers wedding.  On walking into the bridal store a very nice clerk greeted me and asked if she could help.  Being a bit of a joker I stated that I was there to be be fitted for my dress… okay I was joking.  With a very straight face she said, okay right this way.  I was shoked to say the least.  I informed her that I was joking with her to which she replied that is it common for men to come in an be fitted for dresses.

I don’t claim to live a sheltered life, I just would not have thought it was a common place as this lady informed me that it is.

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OpenOffice In Education

Time over time I continue to talk and share the joys of using OpenOffice as an alternative to Office.  Just today I was informed by a teacher in the Pinconning Area Schools that they have started to use OpenOffice as their tool for teaching.  This teacher was just so thankful and raving about the joys of having OpenOffice in the classroom and able to have the students using it at home.  The tool is open, free and great to use.  I have been an OOo user for a long time now, I admit there have been bugs and it continues to get better with each release.

An amazing story and I love telling the use of open source software and more.

God Bless,

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Dan’s Phone

Tonight over dinner my three year old heard a sound coming from the laptop that sounded a bit like a buzz. Shortly following that she said “dan’s phone, would you like to call home or mobile”. I just started to laugh because I knew she was repeating exactly what she hears the bluetooth speak back if the voice dialing is being used. It was a great moment in parenting.

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The Happy Pilgrim

This week is Thanksgiving here in the United States. Our family will be preparing something along the lines of the standard dinner… but I look more forward to the leftovers. I look forward to making what I call the The Happy Pilgrim. What? That is right, I make a sandwich that we call the Happy Pilgrim, so what is it? For me it starts with two slices of good hearty wheat bread, lettuce, sliced roasted left over turkey, stuffing, gravy and cranberry relish. Oh, place that all together in a sandwich and it is like a meal in one. I was introduced to something similar from a sub sandwich shop while I was helping a friend move in Boston. Skip the meal and make me a Happy Pilgrim and I am one happy pilgrim. Try one this year and let me know what you think.

For what it’s worth.

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Rethink the tool shed

reverse gear by wim_vandermaesen on flickrFor far to long church bodies have been setup up tool sheds and then questioning the use of these amazing tools.  The plow will do no good to a farmer if the plow does not touch soil and if the farmer does not know how to use it… or even worse if the plow is in an asphalt jungle far from any soil… was the wrong tool purchased by a home owner thinking they were a farmer?

Michael Trent has put to text some amazing and challenging questions around just that for churches.  Please take some time to read it over and understand how the body of Christ should really be doing church in reverse.

God Bless,

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