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Ustream Usernames Embedded

I have been working with Ustream as a very low cost solution for live streaming events, specifically worship, from Messiah.  We then embedded the Ustream video and chat into our own site at full resolution instead of being compressed down to a small image.  We have been fighting the battle though of users that enter our site being assigned a Ustream guest name similar to “ustream-12345”.  This works fine for the guest that desire to come in an remain annonymous, but we also have the flip side of folks that desire to worship online and have thier name or nick name displayed in the chat.

At first I thought the solution to this would be to first go to Ustream, get logged in and then return to the live streaming page.  This did not yield any change in the results.  Futher searching through the help and forums from Ustream did not reveal anything further to the solution.  I was finally albe to connect with someone on the Ustream live help chat and obtain the solution.  So instead of keeping this nugget of knowledge to myself I am sharing it with you all.

There are one solution that will help with any guest as well as guest that are registered users on Ustream.

  • For those guest that desire to change thier assigned name from “ustream-12345” to soemthing more understandable they simply type in the chat box:
    /nick MyName
    This will change the “ustream-12345” to “MyName-12345”
  • For guest that desire to use their full Ustream username then the also have to supply their Ustream password:
    /nick UstreamUsername:UstreamPassword
    This will change their nick to their Ustream one for the chat.

Solution accomplished for those that are using a Ustream embedded chat outside of the original Ustream show page.



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