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Confidence Perceived As Arrogance

Confidence That is an interesting title I think.  I have been working on writing this one post for over a week now.  I have been trying to ensure that I don’t write in anger, haste or to harm.

Last week while working with a colleague who I am still trying to understand our working relationship, I was totally caught off guard by a comment that was made.  The comment was in reference to a rumor that was in the mix about something I had possible stated.  I was very quick to quelsh the rumor and ensure this person that I no way made the statements referred to in said rumor and assured the person of where I stood on their role in an specific area of service. Later that day in a working meeting I mentioned to a couple other staff members the said rumor to assure them that if they heard it to stop it in it’s tracks.  Rumors are a vile communication and can tear teams apart if not dealt with head on.  Well the fun keeps right on rolling at this point.  I was then informed in the that there are more that this first colleague whom I supposedly was spreading rumors about feels that I am arrogant. At this point I was floored.

I have never thought of myself as arrogant and to hear that someone perseves me that way was almost crushing.  I went through lots of emotions from being sad, crushed, hurt, pissed, pity…  I have spent some time away from the situation in prayer and with very close advisers and have resolved this in my heart and I am now to the place where I can write it.

I am a confident person who attempts to walk humbly.  I am not afraid to make mistakes while at the same time fear failure.  For place of responsibility, I have to make well informed but sometime on the spot decisions and I don’t fear this.  If the decision turns out to be the wrong one we correct the issue and learn from the mistake.  I am not one that will sit for hours with a committee to make a decision that I feel confident in making under my areas of responsibility.  In all of this I attempt to do it with humility.  I know there are times in which I have failed and will fail in the future.  So that is who I am.

If you are perceiving someone to be arrogant, close the loop with them personally and directly… you might be dealing with a confident person and if so ensure they are serving humbly and for the right reasons. I am still working to cycle back and close the loop with my colleague, they are an amazing person whom I know I still have some things to learn from.

God Bless,


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